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Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions. Corp.


ATM & Self Service Terminals


With full use of our mechanics, electronics, and software technologies.

Finger Vein Reader

Finger Vein Reader

We provide finger vein products based on vein finger patern recognition technology originally developed by us with public and private sectors.



We provide modules that incorporate our expertise in currency validation.

Card Readers

Card Readers

We provide various card reader products to the industries.



We provide various printer products to the industries.

Advanced ATM Solution for Evolved Banking Needs in India
Hitachi Case Studies
"Advanced ATM Solution"

Hitachi Case Studies "Advanced ATM Solution"

'Hitachi Case Studies' Site is the portal site of customer case studies from Hitachi group companies around the world.

Hitachi Theater "ATM"
Hitachi Theater "ATM"

Hitachi Theater "ATM"

'Hitachi Theater' Site is the video portal site of Hitachi Group. This video shows the transition of the technology employed in ATMs of Hitachi-Omron Terminnal Solutions, Corp.


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