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Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions and IT Consultants Limited signed a distributor contract for massive rollout of Finger Vein Authentication Device

Finger Vein Reader
Finger Vein Reader

Tokyo, October 26, 2015 --- Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp. (Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions) today announced that it has entered into a local distributor agreement with Information Technology Consultants Limited (ITCL), a major services and solutions provider in Bangladesh, for massive rollout of Finger Vein biometric device. Hitachi's Finger Vein biometric device will be first implemented Finger Vein Authentication technology in Bangladesh market.

ITCL is the only authorized Payment System Operator in Bangladesh acknowledged by Central Bank to provide the banks and financial institutes Electronic Payment and Transaction Processing Services as a third-party processor. ITCL provides services for major banks more than 30, financial institutions, government organizations and retailers with an advanced infrastructure for Transaction Processing Services while operating one of the largest banks driven independent ATM network "Q-Cash" in Bangladesh.

Dr. Kazi Saifuddin Munir, Managing Director & CEO of Information Technology Consultants Limited said, "ITCL is happy to introduce new biometric authentication solution invented by Hitachi as it fully meets our expectations and implementation of Finger Vein Authentication technology will help the nation towards achieving financial inclusion as financial services access will be at door step through a superior advanced technology uses."

The Finger Vein biometric devices will be integrated with ITCL's ATM and POS terminals as user identification and it is planned to deploy several tens of thousands of Finger Vein Authentication Devices integrated with ATM and POS terminals for some government initiatives like Bangladesh Post Office's financial services automation and disbursement of government subsidies to the beneficiaries using Finger Vein Authentication.

Finger Vein Authentication technology is developed and patented by Hitachi, identifying by person's vein pattern. This technology uses near-infrared light to capture individual's vein pattern beneath the skin and matches with previously obtained data stored as a template. As compared with fingerprint authentication, Finger Vein Authentication technology realizes high level of security and accuracy because of impossible of counterfeit, contactless, discreet and non-invasive. Since Hitachi commercialized Finger Vein Authentication Device in 2002, this technology has been utilized for user identification for ATMs, PC log-in, room access control, etc. In Japan, approximately 80% of financial institutions adopt Finger Vein Authentication system, and also in Poland and Turkey, many financial institutions use Finger Vein Authentication.

Tetsuji Shimojo, Representative Director & CEO of Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp. said, "It is honored to tie up a strong relationship with the most valuable partner, Information Technology Consultants Limited, and we are very much in confidence that launched project will continuously grow then will assist a more convenient and comfortable life for people in Bangladesh."

Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions aims to expand Finger Vein Authentication business globally by providing products and related security management solutions not just for financial institutions but also to other security-oriented industries, Hitachi groups will contribute to realize safer and more secure life society in Bangladesh and to the rest of the world.

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