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Chang Hwa Commercial Bank of Taiwan Adopts Automatic Reconciliation Solution for ATMs
Enters service for the first time in Taiwan

SR7500 ATMs operating at Chang Hwa Bank
SR7500 ATMs operating at Chang Hwa Bank

Tokyo, April 12, 2016 --- Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp. ("Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions") is pleased to announce that Chang Hwa Commercial Bank, Ltd. (Chairman: Ming-Daw Chang, "Chang Hwa Bank"), one of the leading Taiwanese banks, has adopted the automatic reconciliation solution for the cash recycling ATMs(*1) developed by Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions for the first time in Taiwan. The solution, which began full-scale operation in April 2016, provides an automatic reconciliation function(*2) for the cash recycling ATMs and minimizes the frequency of loading and unloading cash, enabling Chang Hwa Bank to streamline and tighten its cash control and assisting the bank to improve its customer service with stable ATM operation.

The Cash Recycling ATMs recycle the deposited cash inside the ATMs and enable the deposited cash to be dispensed in future transactions.
The task of first counting the banknotes deposited in the ATM and then comparing the totals against the balance (the amount of cash in the ATM) recorded in the accounting system to confirm that they match.

At Chang Hwa Bank, the staff used to perform reconciliation by manually checking the number of banknotes in the ATMs every day, which represented a heavy burden on the staff and long working hours. It was therefore vital for the bank to streamline and tighten its cash control operations including reconciliation as well as to maintain and improve customer services such as the 24-hour stable operation of the ATMs.

The adoption of this automatic reconciliation solution provided by Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions has allowed Chang Hwa Bank to keep a tally of the balance without unloading the cash from the ATMs, since the banknotes deposited in the ATMs are counted automatically. Moreover, the banknotes can be partially loaded/unloaded into/from the ATMs, which facilitates the loading and unloading tasks in accordance with the deficiency and excess of cash in the ATM cassettes and reduces the task frequency. All of this cuts down on the manual work and minimizes the workload for the staff involved in reconciliation as well as counting errors and input errors, resulting in the streamlining and tightening of cash control. In addition, it reduces the amount of cash that needs to be loaded into the ATMs, enabling optimization.

Chang Hwa Bank has made the decision to adopt this solution because the accuracy and high reliability of its cash management was validated by repeatedly testing the solution in the actual operation of the bank. The function has entered service in the 45 cash recycling ATMs located in 38 branches of the bank as of April 2016. Along with growth in the number of cash recycling ATMs to be installed in the branches, this solution will be introduced sequentially to the ATMs.

Going forward, Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions will expand its business in Asian countries and regions while offering automatic reconciliation and other cash management solutions to other banks in Taiwan.

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